Revolutionary Korean Beauty Technology

Clinically proven, patented c-PDRN® for dramatic anti-aging results

Visible Results at Home, No Prescription Required

Dermatologist-Recommended Advanced Skin Rejuvenation with Patented c-PDRN, Retinol and Powerful Wrinkle-Reduced Ingredients.

Stimulates your skin’s own production of collagen and elastin

Helps smooth lines & wrinkles

Reveals a brighter, clearer complexion

Reduces the appearance of age spots and facial scars

Strengthens skin’s barrier strength

High Performance Anti-Aging Results



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Korean Beauty, Made In America

Once available only from dermatologists, this revolutionary, high-performance anti-aging line restores skin’s youthful appearance for DRAMATIC results. Meet the science behind the all the buzz.

The Routine

The Science of c-PDRN®

The Results

What Makes Our Anti-Aging
Products Different? c-PDRN®

c-PDRN® was developed by a team of Korean skincare and research scientists using naturally occurring marine- derived Growth Factor stimulators.

Basically, c-PDRN® Makes Every
Product in Your Regimen Work Better.

Lift, volumize, and sculpt sagging facial features with the power of your body’s own collagen while refining skin texture, increasing dermal density, improving elasticity, and smoothing lines and wrinkles for the most youthful, glowing skin possible, no appointments required!

*In a consumer study of 30 women

Baseline vs. Day 30

Female, Age 75

Non retouched, results may vary

Advanced Formula

We use science and your body’s own resources to enhance and improve skin health. Rejuran’s exclusive technology encourages the body to repair and regenerate itself for real anti-aging results.

Fan For Life


I work at a salon and we recommend this serum to clients because it’s super easy to use and since it’s gentler than some other retinols, people are happy with the results. The serum is sort of a sensory experience too. If you’ve used Tretinoin, it has sort of a chalky feel and this one goes on smooth as silk.

Anne PIck

Basically, It Works!

I used ROC for years and I liked it for a while, but it seemed to stop being effective so I stepped up to the Rejuran retinol serum and I admit I’m impressed. I’ve only been using it 2 weeks and the little lines above my mouth look a million times better, plus my makeup looks better because my skin is smoother overall. I will definitely buy it again!

Jennifer Foust